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Industry News

Got Guar?

A surge in demand by the US shale gas industry sent guar gum prices skyrocketing ...

Beverage- Back To School ...

The American Journal of Public Health has confirmed that the beverage industry ...

Cargill Cocoa Facilities- New & ...

Cargill improves their cocoa processing facilities to promote product innovation ...

July 11th – 14th

National IFT in Chicago, IL

July 23rd

Fresno Food Expo in Fresno, CA

September 24th

Longhorn Section IFT show in Frisco, TX

October 7th & 8th

Supply Side West, Las Vegas, NV.

Sweeten Your Products

Natural Alternatives Low Calorie Sweeteners

Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about health and weight control. So how do you sweeten up a product and address these trends?

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Improve Texture

Right Consistency, Texture, and Mouth Feel

We have a whole range of options to help you come up with the perfect end result.

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Add Fiber

Maintain Health Maintain a Feeling of Fullness

The evidence is mounting that adding Soluble Fiber to one's diet will produce marked health benefits.

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Extend Shelf Life

Boost Customer Satisfaction Increase Your Bottom Line

We have several options available to slow staling, inhibit mold and yeast growth, and prevent rancidity. Also, check out our all-Natural and Organic options!

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Food Safety

Natural, Safe & Effective Antimicrobials & Antioxidants

Natural protective ingredients are well on the way to replacing synthetic preservatives and ensuring a safe protected shelf life for countless food products.

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Go Organic

Benefit Health & Environment Seize the Opportunty

Due to health and environmental concerns, the organic industry is rapidly growing. Take your product to the next level; we can help you Go Organic!

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